Tue, Jul 7, 2020

School is Starting – Slow Down for Children

West Virginia School Starts - Summer Break Over - West Virginia School HolidaysThe school will be starting in Kanawha County on August 12th this year and with that will come students waiting along the road for buses, and school busses stopped around every turn. Parents will also be in a hurry to get to work with the extra of getting their kids ready, they will be running a few minutes later than normal, which means the probability of them speeding will be occurring. Children, especially the younger ones, don’t realize the dangers of speeding vehicles and they might dart out in the road without looking. PLEASE watch for students standing alongside the road and SLOW down when you see them. It only takes a couple of seconds for them to dart out in front of you and everyone’s lives are changed forever. Parents, please wait with your small children for the buses, no matter what you teach them, they are still children with a child’s mentality of danger.


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