Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Summers Edges Out Bledsoe by Six Votes in the Clendenin Municipal Mayoral Election

Municipal Mayoral Election - Clendenin Election - Clendenin News - Vote for MayorThe June 11th, 2019 election was held and Kay Summers (85 votes) slides by Bledsoe (79 votes) with a six-vote margin. All knew it would be a close race for Mayor between the two running, but as far as we have checked, this was the closest election in years, maybe ever. The other candidates Susan Jack-46-votes, and Write-in Kenny Payne-28-votes also brought in a few of the resident’s votes. The Recorder, Erica Kearns ran unopposed and had 183-Votes. The Council will consist of; Tim Huffman -165 votes, John B. Shelton-126 votes, B. Mike Stout-124 votes, Ron Deel-120 votes, Dave Knight118 votes. Other candidates who ran but did not receive enough votes to set on the council were; Russell Underwood-101 votes, and Richard Owens-70 votes. The new administration will take over on July 1st and will hold these positions for two years until the next election. Congratulations to all on a great win.


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