Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Teachers Strike Looms Closer

With Gov. Justice adamant of only a 1% raise for Teachers in WV, who ranks 48th out of 50 as the lowest paid in the United States, the outcome is looking increasingly likely that there will be a statewide Teacher strike. There has only been one Teacher strike in WV, and that one lasted for 11- days in 1990. WV Teachers have NOT had a raise in their income for over a decade! Their PEIA insurance is due to increase substantially and with an 1% raise, they will still be going backwards. The Gov. has sent it to the Legislature to freeze the PEIA insurance on premiums, but the PEIA does not have to adhere to that decision.

Even without the raise of Insurance, on the average, the 1% would only increase the Teachers’ salaries $30-$36 MONTHLY! The cost of living over the last decade has been 26%. Do the math! With WV low pay for Teachers, this will run our new generation of teachers to another state and with the older ones retiring, what will that leave us? Our Children are our future and they need and deserve an education like other states. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, if not I think a strike will be in the very near future, days, not months.


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