Mon, Jun 14, 2021

The Disappearance of Headstrong Abby

Spooky Stories - Ghost Stories - Little Ghost Girl - Mysterious DisappearancesFor 10 years the Louis family at the end of the lane lived with a secret that haunted them each night unbeknown to their neighbors. Ten years ago, the news station was in their neighborhood for weeks with the disappearance of their 14-year-old daughter, Abby. Abby was what most parents called a “wild-child”. Abby was always ignoring her parents’ rules, sneaking out at night, skipping school and other mischievous acts that drove her parents nuts. The Louis’s tried to discipline her, but she was so headstrong it was useless. Many evenings you could hear the yelling coming from their home. One late night the neighbors saw the police at the Louis’s house and soon the word had spread that Abby was missing.

Soon the local Fire Dept. arrived, and search parties were formed. All the neighbors figured she had run away with all the turmoil that was always going on at her house. Even though the neighbors believed she had run away, they still help search and prepared food for the searchers and the Louis’s. Mrs. Louis was so upset, crying constantly, even months later when someone mentioned Abby’s name she would start crying. They lived out in the country community where it would’ve been hard for Abby to go too far on foot and for a while, they thought maybe she conspired with an older friend to pick her up. None of her friends had heard from her and the one that was older, and drove was home all evening, as her parents had grounded her for her mischievous behavior also.

Days and days went by and no trace of Abby was found. Eventually, the searchers quit looking and Abby’s name was only mentioned occasionally. One day, almost ten years after the disappearance of Abby, Mrs. Louis was sitting on the front porch with one of her neighbors and the phone rang. Mrs. Louis answered it and she turned white as a ghost and dropped the phone. The neighbor asked was she okay and all Mrs. Louis could say was, “It’s impossible, it’s impossible!” The neighbor picked up the phone and it was silent all except for static.

The neighbor kept asking who was on the phone and all Mrs. Louis could say was, “Abby, It’s impossible”! Word got through the community that Abby had called her mom. Days went by and the Louis’s was staying inside their home and not speaking to anyone. A few weeks later, the 10-year anniversary of Abby’s disappearance a neighbor brought a cake to them to try to ease the pain, of Abby not returning. Mrs. Louis sat on the porch and looked like she had not slept in days. The neighbor asked had she heard from Abby anymore and Mrs. Louis shook her head yes and started crying.

The neighbor hugged her and said that was a good thing she was reaching out to them, but Mrs. Louis cried that much harder. The phone rang and the neighbor answered because Mrs. Louis was crying uncontrollably. The neighbor heard the static again and then she heard Abby say, “Please help me get out” and the phone went to all static again. The neighbor was shocked and said we need to call the police because it sounds like someone has her captive. Mrs. Louis just stared at the neighbor and got up, went inside and closed the door. The neighbor discussed the call with her husband and decided to call the police since the Louis’s were to upset to handle it. The police came and talked to the neighbor and the police had a funny look on his face.

That evening the police showed up at the Louis’s with four carloads of search dogs and other police and they started combing the property and within the hour the news had spread and Abby was found in an old cellar. Ten years ago, it was checked, but they were looking for a live Abby, not a deceased one. The body of Abby was buried in the cellar and a metal sheet was lying on top of the shallow grave. The metal sheet concealed the grave years ago, but the police quietly suspected something was up how Abby had disappeared without a trace. Mrs. Louis confessed Abby was acting out and she and her husband got into a violent argument and Mrs.

Louis threw a dish at Abby striking her in the head and killing her instantly. They figured if they could pretend, she ran away no one would know what they did to their daughter and judge them. The phone calls from Abby??? Her spirit could not rest until the truth was known. Still headstrong even in death!


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