Fri, Jun 18, 2021

The Screaming Woods

You sat around when you were a child and listen to all the old tales of the ancestor’s from generations to generations and you are glued to your seat, which the children’s seats was always on the floor on the other side of the room in the hallway. Our parents knew we were there listening but pretended they didn’t know so we would stay quiet. After some of the stories us kids would make excuses for our cousins and friends to stay over so we wouldn’t be by ourselves. Some of the stories were terrifying, especially for kids our ages. One of the stories that stuck in my mind and had us all terrified that night and nights to come was one about the screaming woman in the woods. The stories had begun and about six of us was huddled together leaning on the wall in the hallway where we could hear the stories. We had heard the first couple ones before, then our Uncle Joe that we hadn’t seen for a while from out of town had stopped by that evening, and when he started telling his story in his deep booming voice, we all were all ears listening to a story we hadn’t heard before.

Our Uncle started off in a low voice, but as the tale progressed so did his voice, here is his story; Uncle Joe said the woods was always a place for him to go when he needed a place to think things through, or just to be able to sit on a big rock and listen to the animals, wind, and nature sounds. Uncle Joe said he had sat in this spot many times and this one particular time he was sitting and wondering why the woods was quieter than normal this day, no squirrels, no birds, nothing but stillness. He was looking around to try to figure out why it was so quiet and that’s when he heard something, and it just kept getting louder and louder until Uncle Joes ears was hurting so bad, he was holding his ears trying to block out the sounds. He was looking around to see if he could see what was making the horrible screaming noise and there in the distance, he saw it.

There stood something he tried to describe, but he was speechless for a couple seconds, then he continued with a description that had us all big eyed. Uncle Joe said it stood over 6ft. tall, had long matted hair that was draped over her body with what looked like rags covering her body. Her teeth were jagged and what he could see of her face scared him the most was her eyes. Even though they were a good 50 feet from each other he could see bright blue eyes! She was definite human like, but had animal features that was eerie, she took off in a run and she would run on all fours then stand and run like a human, faster than any human he had ever saw. He stood up but couldn’t move. What was that?!? He went home and didn’t tell anyone because it was still unbelievable to him and he was afraid people would think he had lost his marbles. It took him a few days to go back to his spot, but the same thing happened again, but this time the creature got closer and the screams seemed louder. He decided to come back the next day and left food on the rock.

When he returned later the food was gone, but there was the creature closer this time and there was no screaming, just loud grunting like it was trying to talk. When I stepped towards it let out a scream and darted off. For weeks I left food and I decided it was time to tell someone about the creature. I took my best friend with me and when we got to the spot the screaming started and it would not stop. I guess the creature was mad that I brought someone with me. My friend got a quick glimpse before it started running and the screaming got farther and farther away. My friend looked at me and kept trying to say something, but nothing would come out of his mouth. For years other people heard the screams, but only got a quick glimpse of her. I took food to her on a weekly basis for years, but one week the food was still there except for what the small creatures ate. The Old-Timers said she was a young bride that her husband got killed in the war and she went into the woods and never came out but was with child and the child grew up in the wild. Everyone has a different account of the creature, you decide.


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