Sat, Jun 19, 2021

The Signs Are There, Watch For Them

Clendenin, WV News - The Country Times - The Sunshine Paper Clendenin - Free Home Repairs Clendenin, WV - Clendenin Flood AidAnyone who is or has been a mother know that a mother will go beyond life to protect or be there for their children. This is a story of a mother’s love; The Mother was always there for her children when they needed to talk or if they needed support for anything. When one of her kids were having a bad week and she was looking down on them she knew she must do something to help ease the pain. It started when Suzy was having a bad week. Even though her “mommy” had been gone for a few years, Suzy still would catch herself picking up the phone to call her this week. She wanted her mommies’ advice, she wanted to hear the special words of, “It’s going to be all right,” that she needed to hear so bad. Even though Suzy’s husband was a great listener and was very sweet, it just wasn’t the same. Suzy needed her mommy. Suzy’s mommy had a love for hummingbirds. She said it was her way of relaxing, a therapy in a way. She started feeding them early spring and by late summer she’d have 100’s coming to her feeders. It was one of the most awesome sights you could witness.

Suzy’s mom loved lawn ornaments, especially hummingbirds. She loved the solar ones, that at her age she couldn’t figure out how they kept working night after night without changing batteries. Suzy’s heart was breaking this week. Her daughter had suffered a major loss, and even though Suzy was strong for her daughter she was hurting horribly inside also. When your child hurts, you hurt. Suzy realized this week how her mother felt when she was hurting now, the pain could be excruciating for a mother to feel helpless not being able to stop their child from hurting. Many times, Suzy wished she could talk to her mom. Suzy decided maybe if she would start her flower gardens early this year it could keep her mind from worrying so bad. She was clearing out a flower bed and realized there was a tear running down her cheek. She stopped to wipe a tear and in that moment a hummingbird buzzed by her. It was still too early for hummingbirds, but this one decided to do a “buzz by.”

It brought a smile to Suzy’s face. Suzy worked until dark and as she started inside she looked back to admire her hard work and there standing alone was a solar hummingbird shinning bright as could be. Another smile came across Suzy’s face. Suzy owned a little gift shop and the next morning her order that came once a month came in. It was a large box that was always a surprise. At least 100-items always came, and Suzy never would know what was in it until she got to the bottom of the box. She opened the box like a child at Christmas. When she pulled backed the bubble wrap there on top was a beautiful multi-colored glass hummingbird feeder. Along with the smile was tears running down Suzy’s face. Her mom was reaching out to her to give her the support that she needed so bad. It didn’t stop there. In the surprise box was numerous hummingbird lawn items, including a large solar humming bird. That entire week everywhere she went there was signs that her mom was letting her know that she was watching out for her and listening. One night that week Suzy walked out in the yard, out of the hearing of her family members and talk to her mom as if she was walking beside of her.

Even though her mom wasn’t there Suzy could feel her presence and it calmed her soul. Suzy needed to run a late-night errand that night. Suzy’s daughter called her the next morning and thanked her for the beautiful multi-colored hummingbird feeder that was on her doorstep the next day and her daughters stated that she didn’t know why, but after hanging the feeder she felt a calmness and it seemed her grandmother, in which she stated she missed terribly, was there giving her strength. When your mother leaves you, be aware of your surroundings and know that your mother will always be there, you need to watch for the signs.


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