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The Truth

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I’ve known ever since I was small that I was different from others. It wasn’t noticeable to others, only I could tell. When I was about ten, I remember sitting in the family room when my Uncles and Aunts would visit listening to them talk and it was so obvious when one of them would be lying about something, even small. I would know when the phone would ring a minute before it did, I could always tell a dishonest person as soon as they talked, I knew what people were going to say right before they said it when something bad was about to happen I had this horrible-scared feeling and many other signs.

At first, I thought everyone had this gift until I made a comment to one of my siblings that they knew someone was lying, and they commented on how could they know? I learned to hide my abilities from everyone, and every now and then I would make little comments to others to see if they were like me, but they were oblivious to what I was saying. I accepted my gift and lived my life.

I entered college on a full-ride, I was gifted in many ways and that included a high IQ. It was hard for me to keep friends or boyfriends since I knew when they weren’t telling me the complete truth. I got my degree and started to work right after college as a lawyer in a prestigious firm. I was highly sought after since I was top of my class. I turned down three top firms because I could tell the lawyers weren’t telling the truth or they were dishonest. I had been with the firm for over a year when I got a client accused of murdering his wife. It was one of the Senior Partners’ friends. They had been close since High School. I was excited to get my first big case, instead of the mundane lawsuits, insurance fraud, and ones that were usually open and shut and settled out of court.

I met with my client for the first time with my boss. You could tell they were close friends and my boss was upset at his friend being accused of the murder and the death of his friend’s wife. I watched the two converse and the feelings started to rise. The client wasn’t telling the truth. My boss let his friendship cloud his thinking. He made his friend aware I would be handling the case so there would be no conflict of interest in the case and this would be the last time he could be with us when we met on a professional base.

The client understood and shook my hand. I knew right then he wasn’t telling the entire truth. I set up a time the next day for us to go over everything and had a list of questions. We were halfway through our interview and I knew this wasn’t going to work. I stopped and closed my folder. I sat for a minute and contemplated my next words. I figured the best way was to lay it all out on the table and see his reactions. I asked him exactly what happened.

He looked at me and said you know what happened, we’ve been over this. Right then I knew the truth. I told him to start from the beginning and tell his story. He started and withing 30-seconds I stopped him, and said no, that’s not the truth, the look was pure shock.

I told him, I want the truth, I’m your lawyer and its lawyer/client privilege. It started again with a different tale that was the truth. Every time he would start to tell a lie I’d stop him and say…The Truth! He finished the interview and it was a completely different tale than before. He had killed his wife accidentally. I asked him how he wanted to proceed. He put his head down and said I need to be truthful; I need to clear my conscience so I can sleep again. I called my boss and asked him to meet us and when he heard the truth, he asked to see me outside.

He was furious with me. I was so to defend him and get him off not to have him confess. I was shocked. My boss told me he would put another lawyer on his friends’ case. As I was walking back to my car, I knew what I must do with my career. Two years later I became one of the youngest Prosecuting Attorneys and within five years my convictions of criminals were flawless, and I gained a reputation for being fair and putting the right ones in jail. My gift had always been an albatross around my neck, now I took that albatross and put it to good use to make the rights in the world have an edge. Even though you think you have a flaw, take that flaw and turn it around to make it into something that can help others, in the end, it will help you.

***The Scary Stories series can be Scary, Inspirational, Spiritual, “The unknown”, and many different subjects. They mainly deal with the uncertainty of how and why things happen that you can’t explain. Some of them are true, some are fictional, some are a little of both… You decide which are which!***


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