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The Warning


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The York family always went on vacation every summer and always to a different place. This year it was a combined trip with the museum of arts and an amusement park. My sister and I was really ticked off that we had to go to the boring museum, but our parents thought they would bribe us into going. We had to go to the museum or no amusement park. The park we were going to just opened the largest rollercoaster we had ever been to. We figured we could endure a day at the museum to get to go to the park. We arrived at our Hotel late and we all were too exhausted to explore the city and hit the bed early that night. Even though we all were tired it seemed we were all restless. When we finally went to sleep the dreams were horrible. A man in a black coat kept motioning for me to come with him and saying it was my time and we needed to go now.

I woke in middle of night soaking wet with sweat and went to the small refrigerator to get a water to try to calm myself down. As I was getting in bed my sister sat straight up in bed breathing hard and said she had a horrible dream about a man motioning her to come with him. My sister and I were close. We were 15-months apart, but everyone thought we were twins. Our parents told us we had a long couple of days ahead and we needed to get to sleep. The next day we both forgot about our dreams, but we were bored stiff. We decided our parents wouldn’t miss us, so we wondered around the small stores surrounding the museum. After about thirty minutes we went back in the museum and we saw our parents looking around like they were looking for us. We went around one of the center displays and came in behind them and asked them where they had been we had been looking for them?!?! My sister and I were good at getting out of jams, which seemed to be a lot as we got older. When we were at dinner we remembered our dream and it was eerie that our dream was almost identical.

We described the man exactly and his words that it was time our time was exact. My parents looked concerned, then
they started laughing and said, okay guys enough of the joking and trying to pull our leg. We argued that we weren’t, but where we were always joking there was no way our parents would believe us. After dinner we got some shopping in and headed back to the hotel. That night I woke to the same dream, but this time it was more vivid, and my sister was with me this time. Within minutes my sister woke screaming with the same dream, like mine the man had ahold of our arms pulling us towards him saying it’s time to go with him, “It was our turn.” Our parents finally believed us and sat with us for awhile until we calmed down. We finally went back to sleep and woke the next morning excited to go to the Amusement Park. Our parents were quiet, and I figured they were tired since we kept them awake half the night. We arrived at the park and the line to the roller coaster we wanted to ride was extremely long. We decided to ride other rides and come back to it.

We kept checking the line and as soon as it was within a short waiting period we got in line. After about ten minutes it was our turn next. We got on the platform to get in the front car that we always did on Roller Coasters and the attendant said, “It’s your turn!” we both froze, it was the man exactly in our dreams! We both stared before we came to our senses. I said, I think we will past on this ride and I grabbed my sister hand and we ran down the ramp. Our parents were waiting to take pictures of us on the roller coaster and as we ran off the ramp we had tears streaming down our face. We told them it was the same man and he said the same thing that we dreamed about. Our parents were consoling us when we heard screaming and a terrible crashing noise.

We looked back to see the one of the towers the roller coaster was supported by had crumbled and the roller coaster had crumbled with it. The front car was buried in the rumble. Later we heard four had perished on the ride. That was the only time we ever had a premonition, but we were thankful for the one time that saved our lives over 15 years ago. Remember to pay attention to your dreams. You never know what they are trying to tell you.


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