Sat, Jun 19, 2021

The Wind and Squirrels

Scary Stories - Unexplainable Stories - Creepy Stories - Clendenin West Virginia News I always heard when a wrong has been done and a death occurred the spirit tries to come back and let you know who done them wrong. I really didn’t pay much attention to it since there are probably thousands and thousands of “Ole Wives Tales”, “Sayings”, or whatever title you might label them, that is until I experienced it myself. I’ve told this story a hundred times and it still gives me chills; It started on a beautiful Saturday morning, after working all week I couldn’t wait to go squirrel hunting to relax, let the sun beat down on my back, take a quick nap like all squirrel hunters do, and if I got lucky bag enough squirrels for a big squirrel dinner with gravy and biscuits my wife would be fixing me tomorrow. I sat leaning against a big hickory nut tree with another 25 feet in front of me. I knew the squirrels wouldn’t be able to resist these two trees this close together.

I heard some rustling in the leaves and looked around and saw two squirrels chasing each other up, and around the tree. I was smiling watching them and figured they would settled down to eat soon and then that would be my time to bag one, hopefully both. After a bit they ran up the tree and stopped on the opposite side. I was waiting for them to come around the side towards me when I heard someone whispering. I looked around figuring someone else was watching the two squirrels and hadn’t seen me sitting behind the tree, but there was no one there. Most of the leaves were off the trees and you could see for a long span, but no one was there.

I dismissed it as the wind, except I realized no wind was blowing. In a bit the squirrels were up to their chasing game then all at once they froze for a second and went running through the tree limbs quicker than I had ever seen a squirrel run. About that time a gust of wind came through and leaves were blowing everywhere like a mini twister only about four feet high. I looked around and the wind wasn’t blowing nowhere else but in this one spot beside of me. I stood up feeling a bit jittering and heard the whispers again, but this time I made out the words, “Get him!” I turned completely in circles and no one was around. The little whirlwind had moved about ten feet down the hill and I couldn’t help but follow the unusual sight of this mini whirlwind still going around in circles. It had moved over a small hill and as I stood watching it leaves were getting swept up in it more and more.

The whirlwind started going faster and until the ground was bare and it moved on down the hill and slowly faded dropping all the leaves to the ground. I looked where it had left a bare spot and there was something sticking through the ground, an old tree branch…I thought! When I got closer I could see a hand sticking up out of the ground, well a skeleton of a hand. At first, I thought it was an animal skeleton then when I squatted and looked down I could see it was an actual human hand! I jumped up and stepped back so quick I lost my balance and fell flat on my back! I laid there for a minute catching my breath. I went to get up and was using my hands to push myself up from the ground when something sharp stabbed my hand.

I dug down in the dirt and there was a hunting knife with the initials O.V.W. engraved on the handle. By the time that day was over, a missing teenage girl was found, an arrest had been made, for the initials that was on the knife was the same person of interest that had been questioned numerous times over the girls disappearance, but nothing could be proved without a body, and grieving parents had closure to what happened to their daughter that had disappeared over five years ago, who lived over 100 miles away from where the remains were found, which had made it so difficult, if not almost impossible to find.

The parents came to me the day after they laid their daughter to rest to thank me and asked the details how I found her. When I told them, they smiled and said they had prayed for their daughter to be found. They were hoping she’d be found safe, but they were thankful they could lay her to rest and the man responsible would get justice for her murder. The daughter also gave the two playing squirrels a reprieve, because after that I felt she also wanted them to live since she had watched them play for five years while waiting to be found.


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