Sat, Jun 19, 2021

The Wind Shows Mercy

Scary Stories - Fallen Tree Story - News In Wast Virginia - WV Newspaper - Local Latest NewsThe forecasts for high winds and strong storms had been broadcasted since early that morning. You could tell by my old faithful dog, Kob that it was going to be a dandy, he had been prancing and wouldn’t leave my side since we had got up. By late afternoon the skies were dark gray, and the winds were picking up. The rain started with big drops, then the hail started. We took cover on the front deck, but before long the wind had the rain/hail were blowing in. We retreated inside and the lights were flickering and Kob kept whining. I already had placed lights, lanterns, matches, candles throughout the house knowing this was going to be a good one. About thirty minutes into the storm the power was out throughout the town. I had a generator, but I always waited until the power was off for at least a few hours before I fired it up. I lived about half mile from my neighbors and we all looked after each other. My husband had passed away a few years back after a long illness and since then the neighbors took it upon themselves to be my guardian angel. The rain had let up a bit, but the wind was still howling fiercely! Kob started barking and I could see coming up the road flashlights, my faithful neighbors. They came inside and I had already had a pot of coffee brewing over the gas fire on the stove in anticipation of them. We sat for awhile sharing the information of the storm we had heard on the battery powered radios and knew we were going to be in for a rough one. My neighbors bid their farewells and said the rain was starting back up along with the wind and best get back to check on their house. I watched until they were out of sight and went back inside to put on another pot of coffee, knowing we were going to need it. The lightening had become fierce and poor Kob was petrified, along with me! The wind was howling harder than I had ever heard before. After about thirty more minutes the wind let up, the radio said there would be a lull in the storm for about an hour then the second system would come in stronger. It was peaceful with the storm died down and no noises from electrical appliances, AC’s or anything. Kob and I walked out on the deck to access the damage and as the beam of my light scattered around the yard there was limbs scattered everywhere. Big limbs and small, over the bank I saw where there was a tree uprooted, and I realized I’d be cleaning up for days. Kob started barking and took off flying down the road. I went after him and he wasn’t slowing down. That was the fastest I’d seen him go in years. His barking was louder and as I went around the turn there was a big tree across the road and Kob was digging through the middle of it, and that was when I heard the them. My neighbors were under the tree, the lightening that had hit right after they left must’ve downed the tree on top of them. I yelled out to them and they said they were okay, except for a few bruises and cuts, but was trapped by the base of the tree. The wind was picking up and the rain had started again, but there wasn’t time for me to get help before this second wave came through, what was I going to do? If my husband was here, he would know exactly what to do. I looked up at the sky with rain splashing on my face and the wind blowing harder and harder and asked what would you do, I need you so bad right now, please help me. A calm came over me and the wind started blowing harder and swirling faster and faster. The tree raised straight up in the air and swirled in circles and slammed over the hill and there were my neighbors laying bruised, cut, but no major harm. I helped them up and rushed them back to my house and help clean them up with Kob not leaving their side. He was so proud of himself. After we calmed down my neighbors asked, “What had happened with the tree lifting off of them and freeing them?” I hesitated, then I told them I had asked my husband to help and tell me what to do and the next thing I knew the tree was being lifted off them. I thought my neighbors were my guardian angels, but my late husband and never quit being there for me. He became the wind and showed how everyone looks after each other forever.


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