Sat, Jun 19, 2021

The Witch of Halloween Night

Scary Halloween Stories - Halloween in Clendenin - Unexplainable Stories What’s this time of year without a spooky Halloween tale… Our small town was the greatest place in the world for Trick or Treat. It was a small town and most of the residents went all out decorating and they were very generous with the candy. Weeks prior all of us kids started working on our costumes, it was like a rule with most of us that you had to be original, no store-bought costumes for anyone over the age of 7. We trick or treated until we were 16, after that it was frowned upon. The over 16 group normally had a Halloween party at one of the older kids houses. This holiday was the most celebrated holiday in this town.

The night came, and everyone hit the streets at dark to start getting goodies form all the neighbors. Some of the costumes were state of the art. It was fun trying to guess who-was-who. Everyone kept their costumes a secret until after trick or treat. The neighbors would judge all the costumes and the winner would get a gift certificate from the local mall. After trick or treat all the kids would meet at the community center and reveal who they were while the parents fixed hot-dogs for the hungry goblins, play music, and games. All the years that I could remember it was a fun night and no drama, until this one night. As we were trick or treating my friends and I saw costumes that was great! We realized we didn’t have a chance this year, so our goal was to see how much candy we could get. We saw many good costumes, but this one scary witch was the best I had seen.

My friend and I argued the entire time who it was, but every time we thought we knew, we would run across that person in another costume. We all were excited to get to the community center for the hot-dogs, to check our candy out, and to see who won, but we knew the scary witch probably would win. We couldn’t wait to see who it was. When the music was shut off to announce the winner and of course it was the scary witch, everyone waited to see who it was, but the scary witch was nowhere around. Someone looked outside to see if she was outside and there she was, across the street staring at the community center. All the kids started yelling and waving for her to come over because she had won. One of the parents came out and hollered for her to come and get her gift certificate. The witch stood still and didn’t move a bit, just stared towards the community center.

One of the other girls that always was friendly with everyone walked over and took her hand and was talking to her as they came over to collect her prize. It was a great costume. When she got inside she was asked to reveal who she was, and she just stood and stared at everyone. The girl that coaxed her inside whispered something to her and the girl smiled and whispered something back. Everyone was waiting. The scary witch started to act like she was uncomfortable and started towards the door. One of the moms went over and put her arm around the frightened girl and whispered something in her ear. The girl looked up and smiled. The mom announced the winner was wanting to stay anonymous a bit longer. It was puzzling, but we were kids and having too much fun to worry about it. After a bit the girl inched her way to the door and was sliding out the door.

I felt sorry for her because she acted so out of place and lonely. I walked over to the door to tell her congratulations and she saw me coming and darted out the door. I looked out and what I saw was unbelievable. The scary witch was running as hard as she could and the next thing I knew she was floating up in the up and she shot off like a lightening bolt across the parking lot of the community center. I looked back and my friend was standing beside of me with their mouth wide opened. I was so glad to see my friend there to witness what I had seen. I asked the girl that friended her what she had said, and the girl laughed and said she couldn’t take off her costume, because it wasn’t a costume. The girl said I thought she was teasing. Everyone came out on the parking lot and couldn’t believe what we had seen. So when you see a costume on trick or treat…is it a costume or the real thing?


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