Fri, Jun 18, 2021

True Love Finds A Way

Unexplained Stories - Incredible Coma Stories - Valentines Day Stories - Paranormal StoriesI heard this story many times when I was little and through my later years. Each time I hear it, or tell it I still smile and say, true love finds a way. With Valentine’s Day approaching, how more appropriate than now to tell this story; It started when Johnny and Lucy were little and played together on the farm the two families bordered with each other. As the years passed everyone assumed the two would be married and the two families and their farms would be combined. The war came, and Johnny went off to fight right before Lucy’s 18th birthday. When Johnny returned, they would be married, and the two farms would be combined. There were tears when he left, but Lucy kept business with the making of her wedding dress and the two fathers had already started to build their cottage. Months went by and regular notes would arrive and the devotional love they spoke of were enough to keep them going. Their plans were to get married on Valentines Day.

In the fall the letters stopped all at once. Word had come down that the enemy had overtook their camp and only a few survived. Hundreds had been killed. Lucy put on a brave front in front of everyone and said she knew in her heart Johnny had survived and the sad looks on the parent’s face were pure petty. Lucy didn’t stop believing, even though there were no more letters or news from the army. She kept planning the wedding, when the parents quit working on their home, she threw such a fit they started again. The parents said it was her way of dealing with grief. Her mother came and sat beside of her at the table while she was sewing lace on her veil and took her hand. She told Lucy she needed to come to terms that Johnny wouldn’t be coming home. Lucy smiled and told her mom she would know if Johnny had died, but she feels in her heart that he was still alive.

The mother smiled and told her it could be wishful thinking on her part to bring back the one she loved. Lucy smiled back and told her mom she knew in her heart he was still alive, and she would not give up until her heart told her different. The mom patted her hand and smiled and had such sadness in her eyes. The week before Valentines Day the parents had got together to discuss how they were going to handle Lucy’s disappointment. The time arrived, and Lucy was nervous pacing and talking ninety miles a minute. It had been five months with no news at all from Johnny. Her parents knew Lucy would completely have a breakdown when Johnny didn’t show up and had the local doctor coming up to the farm with something to keep her calm. Lucy walked out to the big tree where her and Johnny shared their first kiss, he proposed to her, and now their house sat only a few yards away. And just like you snap your finger Lucy took a deep breath and realized her Johnny wasn’t here, she had been waiting for this day it seemed forever and it dawned on her that her Johnny wasn’t here!

Oh, my goodness, what had she been thinking? She was assured he be here, she felt in her heart and still does that he’s alive. She was planning to be married in four hours and her soon to be husband wasn’t here, but he had to be. She went back in the house and found her mom and told her mom it looked like she was right and even though Johnny, she knew was still alive, he wouldn’t be able to keep the date today, but she knew he was alive, and the date might be pushed back a bit until he came home. Her mother took her in her arms and they both cried and cried, but when they pulled apart her mother was smiling, and Lucy started to wipe her face thinking there were something on it, but her mom just nodded and when Lucy turned to where her mom was nodding there stood Johnny! He had a bandage wrapped around his head and a crutch under his home. Lucy flew to him and wrapped her arms around him. Johnny had been injured and in a coma until three days prior. When they told him the date, he knew he had to be home in time for the wedding. He had been traveling non-stop to get here in time, because true love finds a way. He held Lucy at arm’s length and said, we have a wedding to attend!


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