Mon, Sep 28, 2020

West Virginia Gold Rush Returns April 1st-6th, 2019

West Virginia Gold Rush - Fishing in West Virginia - WV Fishing Season - Clendenin Fishing NewsYep, I’m pushing it, but I want to go fishing! This is really Cool and all anglers need to mark their calendars!

We turned the rivers gold during the first West Virginia Gold Rush. In 2019, Gold Rush will be back with more trout, more stocking locations and more chances for you to strike gold! During this week of special stockings, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will release 40,000 golden rainbow trout at more than 55 lakes and streams around the state, including several state parks. DNR also is planning a big release for April 6, 2019. Gold Rush is a perfect opportunity to catch the treasured golden rainbow trout, introduce friends and family to sport fishing or enjoy a relaxing getaway. So, start planning your trip today! If you catch a golden rainbow trout with a gold tag, you’ve won an exclusive Gold Rush T-shirt!

To redeem your free shirt, (fill out form on page 3) and send it with the tag to the DNR office in Elkins. Your tag will be returned with your shirt. West Virginia’s golden rainbow trout is prized by anglers young and old for its unmistakable, bright-yellow color. These fish were selectively and successfully bred by West Virginia Division of Natural Resources biologists over several years and introduced to the public in 1963 as part of West Virginia’s centennial celebration. Ever since, West Virginia’s golden rainbow trout has been a popular sport fish, reeling in anglers, young and old, from all over the country.


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