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Unexplainable Stories - Scary Stories - Clendenin, WV News - News in Clendenin, WVGrowing up in the late 50’s, early 60’s in the country was a great time. You didn’t have to worry about having much money to do stuff on the weekends, because hanging out down by the waterhole was the big thing and more fun than sitting in an overcrowded, overpriced, too loud theatre watching a movie that you can watch if you waited for it in another month or two at home on a DVD like it is now days. Our group was about 20+ that consist of ages about 16-20 of girls and boys. We were a good group, just a lot of pranking on each other and farmers nearby. No pranking was destructive, just fun stuff like hiding tractors behind barns, putting signs up in yards that stated silly stuff (will
work for free, food is a plus, I own a FORD, please donate for repairs, and more) catching all the neighbors chickens and putting them in their outbuilding and when they opened the door chickens would fly everywhere. It was a great time.

There was a recluse named Mr. Howard that lived up in the hills from the waterhole that we all loved and watched out for. We would take him apples, produce from all our gardens and more. He was the sweetest man, just very backwards and lived on meager means. He was off limits to our pranks and all of us watched out for him. He would come down sometimes and bring us little wood carvings he did. They were excellent in workmanship and we begged him to let us take them to the local flea market and sell and he’d look down at his feet and shake his head and say when he got better maybe. They were already top notch. He was getting up in years and we were noticing him walking a lot lower. One day we were at the watering hole and we heard loud noises coming from Mr. Howards house. Within seconds we all were running up the hill as fast as we could go. It was about five minutes, and when we got there Mr. Howard was lying in a pool of blood.

His little house was ransacked, and you could tell it was thieves looking for something to steal. The boys carried Mr. Howard down the hill and whisked him off to the hospital with everyone in tow. When we got to the hospital we called the police and told them what had happened. Since it was a small town, and everyone knew Mr. Howard it wasn’t long before the hospital was over-ran with townsfolk’s. Mr. Howard pulled through but was badly beaten. He described his attackers as two large guys with one having a tattoo of a skull on his arm and the other had an Eagle on his. The group vowed to get the ones who done this to Mr. Howard. Days, weeks past and no one was arrested for the crime. A little over a month passed and the carnival came to the next town over and the group were excited. This was the biggest thing that they got to do all summer long.

They were at the carnival for about an hour when they went to a booth to win a stuff animal. The guys were all bragging about who could win the biggest stuff animal. When they got to the booth they were looking at the prizes and they froze. There on the shelf was the carved figurines that Mr. Howard carved and was stolen from him. There standing was two guys with skull and Eagle tattoos on their arms. I knew what was about to come down and jumped in front of the group and said our ride was at the parking lot. They all started to argue, but the look I was giving the group with my back to the bad guys told them not to argue. We got to the parking lot and started talking ninety miles per minute. We decided to call the police and went to a phone booth and called.

When the police arrived the two guys were gone. A few weeks later the town was a buzzed that the two guys were found dead. In their mouths were a wood carving that was stolen from Mr. Howard. They were found about three miles from Mr. Howards house. When we went up to tell Mr. Howard, of the news he didn’t look shocked. As we were leaving he gave us one of his carvings to thank us for making the trip up the hill to tell him. I looked at it while we were walking down the hill and recognized it as one of the ones that was on the shelf at the carnival. As we got in the truck with two of the older guys looked at each other with a satisfaction. There on the dashboard was another of the carved figurines. Mr. Howard had help getting revenge. The friends brought Mr. Howard the two guys, and he done the rest. Small town back in those days is how it needs to be now, then maybe people would think twice before they steal and beat you.

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Cheyenne Naegler September 7, 2019 at 3:44 am

So is the image at the top of the article one of Mr Howard’s pieces? I was doing an image search as I came across it on Instagram & wanted to find the woodworker who did it. I like to follow ppl’s work that inspire me. If it is Mr Howard’s I’m guessing they’ll be no following. It’s an AMAZING piece and he & his family should still get credit.

I hope you’ll email your response as I haven’t never been to your page before nor will I probably remember to come back 😇

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